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Advanced CSV Converter is a program designed for handling Comma-Separated Values or CSV. It offers the ability to convert them to Excel, XML, DBF or SQL.

Key Features

Conversion: Advanced CSV Converter can transform a CSV file to Excel, RTF, HTML and over more. The user just selects the source file via the built-in browser, set the output format as well as the destination folder and then launches the process.

Settings: this software also allows applying some custom settings. For example, it is possible to set filters either from the interface or from command line. Re-ordering columns is also allowed as well as selecting parts to be converted.

Batch mode: Advanced CSV Converter supports dealing with multiple source files at time. Thanks to this option, the user saves precious minutes as he has not to proceed with files one by one but all at once.

Merging files: what is interesting with this application is that it is able to combine multiple CSVs into a single one. That makes it simpler to manage and view all them as there is no need to open them all but only the single output file.


Advanced CSV Converter offers a simple and intuitive interface.
It is easy to use and requires no specific knowledge in computing.


This is a shareware version.


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Alternative spelling: csvcnv-4.95.exe, csvcnv.exe