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Task Plus Pro

Task Plus Pro
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, English
Task Plus Pro is a calendar sharing tool. It allows multiple users see the same calendar via a local area network. The application allows to define tasks, alarms and passwords easily.

Key features

To-do list: The program allows the user to insert a list of action that needs to be done someday in this function. The list will always be displayed until it is completed and the user marked it as such.

Colored Calendar: Task Plus Pro simplify the distinction of work days with different colors. The green for instance shows that this date is the holiday period. These colors can also be set by the user himself.

Filter: Even when the colors are present, confusion may always occur when there are too much tasks in the calendar. The filter tool is then used in this case. The user has just to specify which one he wants to see.

Messaging: Task Plus Pro also enables its users to communicate via messages. The broadcast messaging is a function for sending urgent messages to logged users and the InterOffice Email is used when the recipient is not logged yet.


The program allows the user to customize the options depending on his preferences.

It eases the information transfer in the office.


This is a trial version of Task Plus Pro.


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Alternative spelling: taskprosetup-5.0.exe, taskprosetup.exe
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