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Hand Reading Pro

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Hand Reading Pro
Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, English
Hand Reading Pro is a software that helps its users better understand themselves, their neighbors in order to have an harmonious life.

Key features:

  • Future predicting : users do not have to look at their palms to know their future like the old practice because the software can give the information that may interest users.
  • Choices : there are many drawings on the software and the users have to find the one that fits their hands.
  • Approach : Each line on the palm is studied carefully to learn more about love and life. Personal information is required by the software to get better answer about the future and it is in the users’ interest to give right answer to falsify the prediction.
  • Customization : the study is not limited in the lines but it may be extended to the fingerprints, the different curves between fingers.
  • Interface : Easy to use interface that permits the users to see the graphics with high resolution images from the software.
  • Other options : users can get detailed explanation that can be stored and read from time to time when needed. Also, when there are more than 3 different users, statistics are available in order to do comparison or extended study.


  • A multilingual shareware which is very practical to know the future through hands.


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