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Matrix Screen Locker

Matrix Screen Locker
Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows XP, Windows 2000, English

Matrix Screen Locker is an application that allows to lock the screen at any time. It proposes a screen saver with a theme based on the film Matrix.

Main features

Locking: with a single click, one can make the screen useless, preventing the computer from any use. The desktop background turns then into a "Matrix code" effect with motion characters falling from the top.
Activation: after installation, an icon shows up in the windows notification bar. One click on it will activate the lock. This function can be set up to be automatically activated when there is no activity on the computer.
Security: Matrix Screen Locker is an efficient way to prevent access to the computer. It deactivates the windows task manager. The keyboard shortcut CTRL+ALT+DEL cannot be used to by pass the lock.
Unlocking: when installing Matrix Screen Locker, a password is assigned to the user. To unlock the screen and use the computer, he needs to login in the window.

System requirements

Operating system: win 98, WIN ME, Win 2000, windows XP


The Matrix screen saver can come with a background sound.
The application is free.


This program is used only to protect the desktop. It is less efficient than a login at windows start. An experienced IT specialist can bypass it.

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Alternative spelling: matrix_screen_lock_setup.exe
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