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Project Engine Personal

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2008:6 (latest version)
Project Engine Personal
Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, English
Project Engine Personal is a software designed to plan and manage task in a very smart way.

Key features :

  • Visualizing : users can see the task progress because of the integrated workflow engine in the software. Consequently, users can always meet their project deadline by respecting their planning in their to-do-list.
  • Installation : a simple software that does not require advanced computer skills from its users. Also, it does not take much time to download.
  • Reporting : users can find in the software the workload reporting, time reporting, scheduling. Based on these reports, it is easier to make an evaluation of the project, the problems and risk that may occur during and after its realization, its impact on the society.
  • Interface : an easy to use interface with a task tree interface. So, one glance is enough to see the project timeline and the different ways to achieve it since the software can remind users in case there is something skipped in the project process.
  • Charts : the data inserted in the software allows the users to establish statistics and draw charts in order to make a presentation. In another word, users can choose the style which is more convenient for them for project evaluation.


  • A practical shareware to keep track of the project planning to increase productivity.


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Alternative spelling: SetUp_Project_Engine.exe
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