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BS1 Professional Time Billing

BS1 Professional Time Billing
Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows 8, English
BS1 Professional Time Billing is a program designed to manage hours employees of a company have been working. It helps in accounting tasks, general ledger, time billing and bank reconciliation.

Key Features

  • Working time: this software includes an option where each employee's working time is automatically calculated. The employer has just to specify at what time his worker arrived to his office and at what time he left.
  • Accounting: BS1 Professional Time Billing makes it easier to calculate the amount due to a worker according to his worked times or to the tasks he performed. The user just has to define the hourly rate or the specific rate for a task and the utility does the rest.
  • General ledger: this program allows viewing GL account totals. It also offers the possibility to drill down the origin of a certain amount or its reason of expenditure. Additional data can be entered later and existing ones can be changed or deleted.
  • Wizard: there is a wizard to guide the user through the different steps when entering data. Thanks to this feature, it is easy to get start and insert new elements quickly.


  • BS1 Professional Time Billing is 100% free.
  • This is a multi-currency program.


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Alternative spelling: bs1pr-2014.5 .exe, bs1pr.exe
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