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TurboIRC 7

TurboIRC 7
Windows XP, Windows Vista, French
TurboIRC is an IRC script IRC allowing to connect and discuss on the famous chat network (Internet Relay Chat). It includes more options and possibilities than mIRC: task automation, the complete HTML, various games (Chess, Reversi, etc.), calendar-diary, notepads, etc. ... It supports the following networks IRC, IRCX, IRC2, CTCP2, SSL IRC, and allows to send files by DCC and Support(Bear) IRC, IRCX networks, IRC2, CTCP2, SSL IRC, and allows sends him(it) of files by DCC and TDCC. Moreover, it is possible to integrate various software to add to it some features: NetMeeting for videoconferences, plug - in TV to watch TV, Google search tool, etc. ... You can also modify, as you like, the interface of the program via the numerous included skins, and select one of the nine languages.


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Alternative spelling: T7-X86-SETUP.EXE