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FlashDigger Plus

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4.15.209 (latest version)
FlashDigger Plus
Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, English
FlashDigger Plus is a software that has been created to update SWF banner, edit SWF website and many other features. It is released by Openworld Learning, LLC.

Key Features

  • Editing: thanks to this application, any text, images, sounds and scripts that are used in the SWF movie can be edited or removed. Hyperlinks can also be edited, associated with any button in SWF file.
  • Import and export: users are given the opportunity to import and export scripts, shapes, buttons, images and then, move them in another SWF movie or into the same movie. All these processes can be done with just a few clicks.
  • Creating: apart from that, creating new SWF graphics and SWF text is also possible. You can use bitmap images or a line or a block of text and place them into the SWF movie. Integrated with an SWF ActionScript Protector, FlashDigger Plus also protects your SWF scripts against SWF decompilation and decompilers.
  • Batch processing: batch SWF Text Extractor and Batch SWF Text Updater enable users to easily process SWF files in an automatic mode. It is possible to extract a text from SWF files, translate SWF files into another language in batch.


  • It can convert SWF to EXE format.
  • FlashDigger Plus is practical and easy to use.


  • Nothing to report.


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