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Efficient Notes

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Efficient Notes
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, English
People may forget what they have in mind if they do not take notes; this is why Efficient Notes has been developed. This is at the same time a handy memo and notebook.

Key features

Editing: A notebook is useless if it cannot be edited, but Efficient Notes gives this possibility. The user can add many things such as texts, emoticons, attachments or URL to every note he takes. He may also define the background's color of each note.

Management: This program offers the possibility to gather notes in one group. In order to do so, the user has just to click on the New Group on the Action menu. Then he can freely enter all the notes he wants to place in one group.

Privacy: The computer may be used by different users. With Efficient Notes, one user can create a password and protect his notes from intruders. The Password option can be found on the File menu. He can of course let it as Public if he wants so.


Efficient Notes has a portable edition in which the user can have on the USB and work on it in other computers.

It has a quick search function.

It is also available in different languages.


This is a shareware version of Efficient Notes.


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Alternative spelling: EfficientNotes-Setup-3.81.exe, EfficientNotes-Setup.exe
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