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Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, English
ResumeGrabber is a program especially designed for recruiters. It offers them the ability to create a database where to store resumes of candidates.

Key Features

Importing data: ResumeGrabber includes a specific option for grabbing CVs from internet in order to find the suitable candidate for a job. The recruiter can import these elements from search engines, social networking sites or job boards.

Exporting profiles: this software also allows exporting candidate profiles to Excel or Outlook. That is helpful for transferring the list or preselected candidacies to business leaders for validation or for preparing job interviews.

Management: ResumeGrabber not only deal with extracting resumes from internet and exporting them. It also helps managing these files for easier review. The user is for example allowed to save them in customizable folders so as to group similar profiles.


ResumeGrabber has a specific option for finding missing e-mails or phone numbers of candidates.
It is compatible with the most popular Excel and Outlook versions. That is to say releases 2003, 2007 and 2010.


This trial version is only valid for 3 days of use.

It is limited for transferring only 50 profiles.


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Alternative spelling: resumegrabberpro_012009_setup.exe
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