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.NET Framework is a Microsoft's utility that allows you to build and to run applications and web services. It comes along with several services.

Key features

- Components : It has two components. Common Language Runtime (CLR) and the .NET Framework Class Library. The first one allows you to execute engine that runs applications while the second includes a library of tested and reusable codes for developers.

- Tools : This application provides you with several tools such as Alphabetical listing of tools, debugging tools, security tools, interop tools, etc.

- Specific libraries : To simplify the developer's tasks, .NET Framework comes along with utility for web applications (ASP.NET), data access (ADO.NET) and service-oriented applications (Windows Communication Foundation)

- Samples : To avoid starting from scratch, .NET Framework has code samples that developers can use in their projects. Among these samples, you have samples for deployment, formatting, encoding, networking technologies, etc.

- Compatibility : Most applications developed with a particular version of .NET Framework do not encounter problems when running on a later version.

System requirements :

- CPU : 1 Ghz

- RAM : 512 MB (1.5 GB for virtual machine)

- Free hard disk space : 850 MB

- OS : Windows XP, Vista and 7

Pros :

- Comprehensive and consistent

- Very useful for developers

- It includes a wide range of services

Cons :

- A little bit difficult for beginners

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Alternative spelling: dotnetfx45setup.exe