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Instant Catalog Builder

Instant Catalog Builder
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows 8, English
Creation of a product catalogue may require the use of several softwares. Instant Catalog Builder gets around this problem by integrating numerous customization tools to adapt the design to the needs of the user.

Main features

Creation: Instant Catalog Builder is able to design a brochure for several products. To do this, you must click on new project. This utility al-lows the user to choose the layout of articles as well as the layout of the cata-log.

Edition: it is possible to customize the sheet as desired. The software has several commands to edit imported pictures. You can resize them and improve their resolution by adjusting the brightness and contrast.

CD-burning: Instant Catalog Builder allows the export of the brochure on disks such as a CD or a DVD. The engraving is done directly through the program and requires no special software.


It is possible to attach videos or musics to the brochure in Instant Cata-log Builder.

You can also publish the creation on the web.


The proposed version of this software is a shareware.


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