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DRM Plus Encryption Solution

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8.7.15 (latest version)
DRM Plus Encryption Solution
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, English
DRM-Plus Encryption Solution is a software for protecting media and other files. It also enables to manage play account and expiration date of a given file. This program is mainly used on private Web servers.

Key Features

  • Encryption and playback: media files such as WMV, ASF and WMA can be protected with DRM so as to restrict playback access. The file can only be opened after the administrator has given a Playback license provided by the Web server.
  • Playback rights: DRM-Plus Encryption Solution enables the administrator to specify the number of times a consumer is allowed to play encrypted files. It also helps users to transfer encrypted files to SDMI, to portable media and others.
  • Expiration protocols: the number of playback and days an encrypted file can be played can be customized by the administrator through the Web server. It is also possible to set the expiration date of the playback license.
  • Billing business interface: to all members of the Web server, DRM-Plus Encryption Solution can also manage them. A billing business interface can be integrated so as to let consumers select their payment procedures for playback license and purchase.


  • DRM-Plus Encryption Solution is a practical tool for the business development of a personal Web server.


  • This version is no longer available after a certain period of time.


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Alternative spelling: drmplus_encrypter_setup-8.7.15.rar, drmplus_encrypter_setup.rar
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