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Effective Meetings

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Effective Meetings
Windows XP, Windows Vista, English
There is a time when a meeting seems to be monotonous. Of course, a meeting needs different preparations in order to avoid time wasting. The Effective Meetings software will do all these tasks for you whenever it is necessary.

Key features

-Management : This is among the software that can help you stop time consuming of all its forms during meeting, starting from the beginning, passing through the meeting session itself and ending to the report writing.

-Very practical : for business use and good for keeping all details in to consideration. Before the meeting, everybody who has to attend it can have an idea of the agenda and what will be discussed during it.

Reporting : after the meeting either it is a quick or a regular one, a report of all the decisions taken and the follow ups required to make the meeting have good impacts on the participants who have to think over it afterwards.

System requirements

2.93MB size
It can be used withWindows Vista and XP.


A free software which is updated as often as possible to give entire satisfaction to its users,
Several researches are done to meet all their requirements and that is to make meetings more interesting and less boring.


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