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Reservation Master

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5.01 (latest version)
Reservation Master
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows 8, English
Reservation Master is a software designed for hotel industry professionals. It helps them to manage reservation, occupancy, arrival and departures.

Key Features

  • Booking management: Reservation Master contains a booking sheet where reservations are all presented. Users can create new entries as well as edit existing ones. It is possible to define a specific period.
  • Customers details: inserting details about a customer is utterly feasible. The hotelkeeper can record not only contacts but also the client's preferences. These items with the booking history as well as payments can be saved on a secure database.
  • Language customization: Reservation Master allows editing data such as invoices and reports in the user's own language. It is possible to customize the language file and add a translation. Modifications apply not only on bills but on the menu interface as well.
  • Web page with room availability: this program offers the possibility to create a web page where clients can check for room availability and online booking. It can be personalized and uploaded to the hotel's own Website.


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Alternative spelling: Reservation-5.01.exe, Reservation.exe
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