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Dovico Timesheet

9.0 (latest version)
Dovico Timesheet
Windows XP, English
Designed by DOVICO, Dovico Timesheet is a proven 100% web-based project time and cost savings solution where users are allowed to track the time worked by your employees.

Assignments enable to establish who is working on a project and what are they assigned to. It helps to gather information about clients, tasks, projects, task groups, teams, employees, creating assignments, quick assign, advanced assignment functions and project groups. Time Calendar: this feature helps users to quickly review, reject and edit time entries that have been submitted by employees. Managers are allowed to add other employees. For that, you just have to click on Menu > Views tab > Time Calendar.

Being an advanced feature of Doviceo Timesheet, this enables users to add report, report folder, to change the report’s name, to create a custom report that are based on existing report, to import and export a report file and also to schedule a report so that it can run automatically. Budgeting and costing: these are crucial matters for those that are creating detailed company and client cost estimates. Doviceo Timesheet allows users to calculate budgeted time and costs, actual time and costs, currencies, overtime rates, as well as budgeted expenses.

Since the application is entirely customizable, users are then allowed to set automatic or manual notifications sent to employees and managers thanks to the Job scheduler. Notification can be email, alerts or reports. Apart from that, Doviceo Timesheet also helps to handle billing reports, control access to your employees to some information. It is also integrated with Microsoft Project Link and Quickbooks.


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Alternative spelling: DovicoTimesheetV9.exe
Latest update on October 3, 2016 at 10:57 AM.