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DiskInternals Office Recovery

1.0 (latest version)
DiskInternals Office Recovery
Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, English
Designed by DiskInternals Data recovery Software, DiskInternals Office Recovery is a tool that enables you to recover lost, damaged or corrupted data on your Microsoft Office Document. Simple and easy to use, the application is very effective and it has been awarded from various popular places. The application gives you the ability with its extensive set of filters to locate the files that you need right away.

You just have to give either the title or the author of the document; the application will find it in some minutes later.
It enables you to get back your documents even after a hard disk failure.
The application is able to provide you with a list of Microsoft document that could be recovered.

You need a minimum of free space on your hard drive for product installation.
It is a shareware version which expires after 30 days of use.

Note:Version 2.0


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Alternative spelling: Office_Recovery.exe