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Disk Drive Administrator

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Disk Drive Administrator
Windows XP, Windows Vista, English
Disk Drive Administrator can be a great solution for hiding, locking and protecting local and external drives. It is developed by IM-Soft.

Key Features

  • Hide: so as to avoid other users the access to local and external drives, Disk Drive Administrator enables to hide them. This process is customizable. Indeed, it is possible to hide only the local drives, network drives or USB drives.
  • Lock: Disk Drive Administrator can also be used to lock drives. For this option, the process is simple. Ticking on the appropriate box on the interface is enough to disable the hard drives, CD, DVD or USB drives.
  • Disable AutoRun features: this function enables users to disable only all USB drives for example. The drive letters that can be associated with them will not be taken into account. This is making Disk Drive Administrator quite practical.
  • Password-protection: on each program startup, Disk Drive Administrator users will be asked to assign a password. Any action (Hide, Lock and Disallow AutoRun) will start without entering the right secret code.


  • This program is practical.


  • This trial version expires after 30 days of use.


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