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Extract Link

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4.0 (latest version)
Extract Link
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 7, English
Extract Link is a tool for taking out links and text from any type of file stored on the hard drive or from a removable device. The result will be displayed on the interface with their IdPart, Base, Position and File Size.

Key Features

  • Search: once downloaded on the computer system, Extract Link can immediately launch a search on the Web links contained in a given file. It can be http://, http://, emails and even tel/phone. The user just has to specify his search. It is also possible to search for text and binary files on some files.
  • Extract: the user can start the extraction with the normal or the Depth mode. If the user chooses the Depth option, this means that all base URLs will be taken out with no exception and that way removing other part of it.
  • Email extractor: apart from recovering links from a given file, Extract Link is also featured with an option to pull out emails from some protocols. Indeed, it enables to save messages from Microsoft Office Outlook and Outlook Express.


  • Extract Link offers an accurate and reliable extraction.
  • The interface is intuitive and graphical.
  • It can launch search on a compressed file (TAR, RAR, ZIP, etc.).
  • This tool removes duplicate links automatically.


  • This trial version is limited in features and can only be used for 15 days.


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Alternative spelling: el-4.0.exe, el.exe
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