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Helpdesk Elite

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Helpdesk Elite
Windows 2000, Windows XP, English
Helpdesk Elite has been designed to reduce the tasks of your purchase service. This program allows you to manage the daily activities of your department like calls, orders, training, loans, invoicing, contacts, etc.

By using Access database, it is easy to enter data in the different provided forms and save an unlimited number of data. Moreover, you can also export your appointment, tasks and send e-mails to Microsoft Outlook via the interface. It is possible to print detailed reports from the recorded data if it is necessary. Moreover, Helpdesk Elite also allows you to create knowledge base so that you can record your customers’ frequent problems and view the adequate solutions. Every body can enter to this knowledge base their knowledge and know-how from their personal experiences. All these actions can favor collaboration within the team and contribute to your business development.


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