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2.7 (latest version)
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 7, English
Creating music with the assistance of the computer is not easy without the appropriate tool. The improvement of the technology allowed creating software like energyXT, used for that purpose.

Key features

The software enables the user to record multi-track drums, audio and midi. The number of tracks is not limited; it just depends on the capacity of the computer. For the audio, the recording is placed directly in the hard disk. energyXT has an editing function allowing to modify existing audio file. The user can change the tone as well as the file length. This function called "elastique" allows calibrating certain file on specific tempo. The program is compatible with instruments and effects in VST format. This compatibility considerably upgrades its potential. The user can also use effects with insertion and the midi controller is available as well. energyXT offers the user the possibility to work on format like wav, mid, mp3, aiff and rex/rx2. Importing these formats in the sequencer is also feasible. Freezing some tracks allows to relieve load processor.


energyXT has an intuitive interface. It has 400 loops and 32 multi-sampled instruments downloadable for free.


This is a shareware version.


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Alternative spelling: energyXT27setup.exe