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Microsoft has developed the latest version of Internet Explorer with Internet Explorer 8 or IE8. With this new version, researches on the Internet, including services such as Windows Live Spaces, Facebook or Digg, will be carried out easily, quickly and significantly more secure.

Key Features

Being a more effective version, Internet Explorer 8 can open new pages and tabs quickly and accurately. But it has also been simplified to allow easy access to updated information and that, in a single click. In addition, it protects our most sensitive data and thus provides greater privacy on the web. This version 8 is also more powerful compared to the old version to prevent malicious software from reaching your computer with an easy detection of dangerous sites. Sometimes it happens that some Web pages are not display properly or are even empty. In fact, the activation of the compatibility improves the appearance of some websites and can also solve the problems such as missing information or incorrect text and colors. This feature enables to your website to be compliant with the standard thanks to the implementation of CSS 2.1. That way, the website will be consistent and will provide comfort for users. Internet Explorer 8 is featured with accelerators or selected tools based on research. These allow users to access to an online service from any other page just with the mouse. Thus, it is no longer necessary to copy/paste Web page contents.


Internet Explorer 8 is downloadable for free.


Alternative spelling: IE8-Windows_Vista-x86-ENU.exe