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Super Audio Editor

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3.5.1 (latest version)
Super Audio Editor
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, English
Super Audio Editor is a tool for mixing audio files. It also allows applying effects to them and recording sounds from external sources.

Key Features

Edition: Super Audio Editor is first of all a tool for editing music files. It allows easily cutting, copying, mixing or deleting them according to the user's needs. The user can cancel or re-establish actions as many times as he likes.

Effects: with this program, it is possible to apply various sound effects in order to enhance the rendering of an audio file. The user can insert silence, fade out, echoes and more. Amplifying the bass or the treble is also allowed.

Recording: Super Audio Editor is provided with a powerful built-in recorder. It is able to record every sound from a microphone, record tapes, vinyl or audio streams. The process can be automated by defining a specific start time and end time.

Batch processing: what makes this tool stand from all others is the fact that it is able to deal with multiple files at a time. Indeed, it supports up to 32000 files to apply effects simultaneously.


Super Audio Editor offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface that makes its handling easy.
It allows cutting a single big file into several separate sequences.


This trial version is only valid for 30 days of use.


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Alternative spelling: SuperAudioEditor_setup-3.5.1.exe, SuperAudioEditor_setup.exe