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Simply Willing

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Simply Willing
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, English
Simply Willing is a software designed by Secrett Systems. It is intended to individuals but notaries can use it as well. Its main function is to help writing one's last wills.

Key Features

  • Testaments elaboration: this is an easy-to-use tool in drawing up Last Will. It guides users toward the different stages for such a document. Personal information and heirs' names have to be inserted in dedicated tabs. Legacy is to be detailed in boxes intended to that.
  • Display: it offers a simple and intuitive interface that makes handling more evident. There are specific tabs for several items. Specific bequests are separated from general ones for example. There is a space dedicated to executors and another one for witnesses.
  • Saving and printing option: it is possible to preview the whole document and then save it for later opening or eventual amendments. There is also a printing feature so that users can have their wills printed to be signed and testified by witnesses' signatures.


  • This tool offers a help file to assist users.


  • Testaments edited with this software have legal values only in Great Britain, USA, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Canada and the Irish Republic.
  • This is a 5 days trial.


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Alternative spelling: SimplyWilling.msi
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