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Jarte is a full-featured text editor which can replace Microsoft Word. It also stands out for its being simple to use. This word processor is developed by Carolina Road Software.

Key Features

  • Word processor: Jarte organizes everything that is needed in its toolbar. The user can justify, center, left or right text alignment. Of course, a save option is integrated therein in order to store the text on the hard disk. Apart from that, the user can also adjust font formatting such as text highlight and format brush tool.
  • Import option: the advantage with Jarte is that it supports almost all document formats such as DOC, DOCX or RTF to name just a few. Just as with Microsoft Word, it is possible to edit it, insert pictures, hyperlinks and even equations.
  • Portable: one of Jarte's main features is its being portable. To this end, the user does not need to install it. This lightweight program can run on a USB flash drive, CD or even from a DropBox folder.
  • Export: with the save option, Jarte lets users export the document to other formats. Indeed, it enables to save the output to HTML or PDF. If not, another option also lets users print the processed word.


  • A grammar checker corrects errors conjugation and grammar texts.
  • Jarte is part of the freeware.


  • Nothing special to report.


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Alternative spelling: jarte_52_setup.exe