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2.13 (latest version)
Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, English
Your iPod contains many important things. To lose them will be a real danger. iCloner allows you to save the entire content of your iPod before going on a journey, send it for repair or just for safety. That might be useful because you have spent money to buy and download songs, clips, films or videos.

The software can create as many backup images as you like. All your videos, photos, music, notes and so forth are saved to a single file. Moreover, the backup can be programmed and done automatically.
File restoration is very easy and you can do it on a new iPod if you have lost yours. It is possible to keep backup file on a CD, hard disk or other devices.

The software is compatible with the following iPods: iPod Mini, iPod Shuffle, Photo iPod, Video iPod, iPod Classic, Nano iPod (including 5G), except for iPod Touch and iPhone.


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