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Biorhythms Calculator 2010

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Biorhythms Calculator 2010
Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, English
Biorhythms Calculator 2010 is a software designed to allow users to know their good days and bad days as well.

Key features

  • Interface : an easy to use interface that makes users more comfortable and confident when using the software. Besides, creating shortcut keys will make the software work faster to the users.
  • Graphs : It is possible to view 9 different presentations of the data-like table, graphs, chart, calendar, timeline. Based on that, users can choose which one is more convenient for them for a specific study.
  • Customization : users can print report for personal use or for filing , this report can be created by specific formats like image, texts. Also, it is possible to set the starting point for any report, visualization to see the result expected at this precised point.
  • Profiles : each user can have a personal file. So, each person can know the reason of the swing mood and bad temper that may suddenly happen and can find the solution to smooth the situation. However, profiles can be grouped in one either by folder or by zodiacal signs in order to make any searches much easier.
  • Other options : users can view up to 5 profiles at a time and profiles to be stored can be added in the software. Also, reports can be displayed on the websites followed by some practical tips that help browsers.


  • A freeware that helps individuals know well about their biological rhythm.


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Alternative spelling: biosetupf12.exe
Latest update on October 3, 2012 at 01:52 AM.