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It is not necessary any more to stay in front of one’s computer to wait for the end of a task. Henceforth, thanks to AMP Winoff, you can program shut downs of your system. AMP Winoff is a program which allows you to automate the usual features of your computer like shut down, starting up, log off, hibernate, etc. It can be configured to start the operation at a specific time or after a defined period (after 30 minutes for example). In a user-friendly interface, it invites you to define your own parameters so that it can act. Moreover, in order to avoid unauthorized configurations, it lets you to define a password to lock the access. AMP Winoff is available in English and Spanish, it is entirely customizable and supports command line.


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Alternative spelling: WinOFFSetup.exe
Latest update on December 15, 2009 at 07:49 AM.