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Electric Sheep is an open source screensaver created by Scott Draves. It allows the user to vote which one is the best among the rest.

Key features

Screensaver: Indeed, Electric Sheep is an abstract art that is represented as a screensaver. This latter is connected with many PC by internet. It runs while the PC is sleeping and allows to share the morphing animation with many users.

Voting: what is interesting with this tool is that it allows many users to vote which animation is the best. Just by typing number via the keyboard, the administrator gives note of the current animation and allows knowing the most popular one.

Supported devices: Electric Sheep supports running on ordinary PC, Android or iPad. It requires an internet connection to share the result between computers to know which one is the most popular screensaver.

System requirements

Operating system : Linux, Mac OS X, Windows 2000, Windows XP or higher


It can be run by only double clicking on the desktop icon and click the "run" button.


The screensaver may require the latest graphics drivers to run properly.

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Alternative spelling: electricsheep-2.7b34.exe
Latest update on Friday February 6, 2015 05:42:35 AM