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All kinds of malware can invade the computer if there is no anti-virus installed on it. Hitman Pro is a security tool for fighting against malicious software such as spyware, virus, rookits, malware, etc.

Key Features

  • Behavioural scan: once the software is downloaded, it is going to launch what is called behavioural scan. In fact, it scans the whole computer system to find virus activities and suspicious files having the same characteristics of malware.
  • Scan cloud: after the detection of the suspicious threat, the application will send it to Scan Cloud. Scan Cloud is going to respond to this by telling if the threat is in case a real malware or not. For that, it sends if it's safe, malicious or unknown.
  • Malware removal: finally, when the treat is categorized of being malware, Hitman Pro will put the file into quarantine or letting you the choice of removing it entirely from the computer system.
  • Interface: the user interface of the application is very easy to use. Just from it, the user can customize the period of scanning the computer system, daily, weekly, or every five hours for example. On the interface will be displayed if the threat is malware, rookit, Trojan or other unspecified threats.


  • Hitman Pro offers a maximum of protection for your computer system.
  • The application removes resistant threats using native NT boot-time delete.


  • It is a shareware version that expires after 30 days of use.


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Alternative spelling: HitmanPro-, HitmanPro.exe