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ShaPlus Bandwidth Meter

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ShaPlus Bandwidth Meter
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 7, English
ShaPlus Bandwidth Meter is a utility that can keep track of Internet bandwidth usage in a current session. This tool can be essential for those who have limited access to Internet.

Key Features

Bandwidth control: after its installation on the computer system, ShaPlus Bandwidth Meter is going to, immediately, monitor Internet traffic. This task is performed automatically and does not hamper the system performance.

Report: once the analysis over, the program is going to provide a complete report about it. So then, the user can easily be aware of the number of files uploaded or downloaded and their size on the traffic. The report can be viewed at any time.

Customization: ShaPlus Bandwidth Meter can be configured to work at a specified time. For instance, the user can monitor traffic every day, month and even during a specified session. Apart from that, it is also possible to select the options to view the report.

Flash deactivation: another useful function for ShaPlus Bandwidth Meter is its ability to block some Flash animations to be played and even images to open when browsing a Web page. Indeed, this process can allege the bandwidth use.


ShaPlus Bandwidth Meter is a free program.


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Alternative spelling: ShaPlus_Bandwidth_Meter-Setup-1.4.exe, ShaPlus_Bandwidth_Meter-Setup.exe
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