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Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 7, English
Tag Tuner has been developed to help the user organize his music collection. It has several features like tag editing and extraction, rollback action, file searching and many others.

Key features

Editing: The software offers the user the possibility to edit more than twenty basic tags simultaneously. The user can also make it one by one if there are some tags that he wants to specify. He just has to copy/paste.

Internet search: By using Tag Tuner, it is possible to search an album even if it has an empty tag. The internet search option facilitates this process. It has also the ability to collect the album information and fill it.

Rollback action: The rollback option makes possible to recover the last change made by the user. If he made an error, he just has to click on the undo button and come back to where he was without having to repeat everything.


Tag Tuner offers the possibility to play music while tagging.

The software has a full Unicode support.

The Macro support using shortcut keys makes it easy to handle.


This is a trial version.


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Alternative spelling: TagTuner_Setup_2-, TagTuner_Setup_2.0.exe