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Click 2 Crop

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Click 2 Crop
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows 8, English
It is sometimes important to make some retouch in order to improve photos' quality. The software such as Click 2 Crop can help the user with this task.

Key features

Capturing: The software is like a Swiss knife when it comes to image processing. It has the ability to capture photos from any camera connected to the computer. Once the photo is taken, the user can modify and save it.

Retouch: Click 2 Crop offers the user the possibility to have better results in just few clicks. He can for instance crop photos, resize them, perform sampling, balance the colors and so on.

Insertion: The user can insert customized multilingual text marks in his images. He can also put the date of capture, the hour and other EXIF properties. A particular option also allows adding borders and watermark to protect his copyright.


Click 2 Crop supports various formats such as PNG, BMP, TGA, TIF and many else.

The drag and drop method is also supported.

The software is easy to use.


This is a trial version.


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