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PC Garbage Remover

3.95 (latest version)
PC Garbage Remover
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, English
PC Garbage Remover is a program specialized in optimizing the system to make it more efficient. It gets rid of unnecessary files cluttering the HDD.

Key Features

  • Analysis: PC Garbage Remover uses a powerful scanning algorithm to scan the entire hard drive and find unnecessary files or elements. These elements can damage the well-functioning of the operating system.
  • Network: it can also be used to optimize all computers connected to a local network. PC Garbage Remover can perform the analysis of hard disks of all connected machines regardless of their number.
  • Deletion: after the scan is complete, all unnecessary files such as invalid shortcuts, and temporary files will be displayed on PC Garbage Remover's interface. One click is enough to delete them permanently.
  • Cache: PC Garbage Remover can protect the privacy of the user. Indeed, it includes a module to remove traces of online activities such as browsing history, list of downloads or cookies.


  • PC Garbage Remover is a handy utility to gain disk space in the HDD.


  • This is a demo version.


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Alternative spelling: garbaget_3.95.exe
Latest update on January 20, 2014 at 12:30 AM.