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Editing and converting video files are everyday tasks. Once you grab it, you have all the advantages in your hand. VideoMach is a powerful solution to edit and convert video files.

Key Features

  • Video editing: just like any other video editing software, Videomach allows to edit segments of the video, to add sounds and special effects, to resize video and images, to crop borders, to extract audio or some interesting scenes from a movie, etc. It can also change the contrast, the brightness and the saturation of the background of the video.
  • Conversion: it is also a powerful tool for converting video to video and audio to audio files. It is also supporting powerful conversion tool between PAL (short for Phase Alternating Line) and NTSC (named for the National Television System Committee).
  • Images to video: the users also have option to turn some images into video thanks to the high-speed imagers, the time-lapse photography, the 3D rending, the stop-motion animation and the screen capture that VideoMach is endowed with.
  • Supported formats: AVI / BAYER / BMP / CINE / FLIC / GIF / HAV / JPEG / JP2 / MPEG / OGV / PCX / PNG / PNM / RAS / RGB / TARGA / TIFF / WMV / XPM / AC3 / OGG / WAV / WMA and many other multimedia formats.


  • A perfect tool to create video clips with still images and segments of video.
  • The interface is plain and intuitive.



  • It is a shareware version that expires after 30days of use.
  • It may slow down the system a little bit.


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Alternative spelling: videomach-5.5.3.exe, videomach.exe
Latest update on October 16, 2012 at 10:52 AM.