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Media Resizer

2.58 (latest version)
Media Resizer
Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, English
Media Resizer is a tool that has been designed by VladStudio. The application has been released 2007 and it is has been awarded from several places. Well known, the application is being used worldwide.

Media Resizer is a tool that provides the ability to resize various pictures. Simple and easy to use, the application is automated to organize the pictures which will be published on Web. Offering an intuitive interface, the application supports a wide range of image and video formats. The application has the ability to work with digital pictures. It provides the ability to create video thumbnails.

It provides the ability to add watermark on thumbnails
The application enables you to create advanced thumbnails including stunning styles
This tool provides the ability to crop original pictures
Provide the ability to rotate thumbnails
The application provides rename function which enables provides the ability to auto-rename thumbnails

Shareware Version
Expire after 15 days of use

SVGA or higher resolution display
10 MB hard disk

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Previous Version
Media Resizer 2.0
Media Resizer 1.0


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Alternative spelling: mrsetup_2.58.exe