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IntroWizard Flash Website Builder

2.1 (latest version)
IntroWizard Flash Website Builder
Windows 2000, Windows XP, English
IntroWizard Flash Website Builder is a tool designed by IntroWizard LLC. Released in 2009, this tool has already been awarded from various popular places and is being used worldwide. It has been designed to create your website quickly.

IntroWizard Flash Website Builder is a tool that gives you the ease to create Flash Website. Simple and easy to use, the application enables you to create Flash Website for various common products. Offering an intuitive interface to work with, this tool allows you to change the content of your Webpage and also update it. This includes the ease of Meta tag editing, change size, live preview and images additions.

It provides the ability to update your Website quickly
The application allows you to create advertisement for a product in Flash
It includes a search engines text site
The application provides up to 37 built- in designs

Shareware Version
$ 49

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Previous Version
IntroWizard Flash Website Builder 1.0


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Alternative spelling: flash-website-builder-trial-2.1.exe, flash-website-builder-trial.exe