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Movie Manager Pro

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3.1506 (latest version)
Movie Manager Pro
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, English
Movie Manager Pro is designed by RockSolidSoftware. Released in 2009, this application has already been awarded for its providing efficiency. The application provides the ability to manage your movie playlists.

Movie Manager Pro is a tool that gives you the ease to manage your movie collections. Simple and easy to use, the application allows you to scan your drive to preview movies found. Offering an intuitive interface, this tool enables you to identify movies and also collect information above the Internet. Movie Manager Pro has the ability to play your movies in supported Media Players.

It has the ability to store movie information such as Actor Filmography, Movie Posters, Cast Members and Actor pictures
The application allows you to create multiple movie databases
It has the ability to run multiple copies of Movie Manager
It includes split movies and multi play capabilities
The application has the ability to play movie from your HTML database as it includes direct link

Shareware Version

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Previous Version
Movie Manager Pro 3.15
Movie Manager Pro 2.6.5


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Alternative spelling: MovieManagerSetup_3.1506.exe