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Image Eye

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7.6 (latest version)
Image Eye
Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, English
After taking photos, viewers are eager to have a look on what do the pictures look like in the camera. Image Eye is a software that allows its users to view all the images taken.

Key features:

  • Interface : Image Eye has simple and easy interface that is very helpful for users by using shortcut keys. Also, a multilingual software that can solve the access problem to the use as it is possible to do -translation from one language to another or more.
  • Time saving : contrary to the old practice which many toolbars and menus should be clicked before viewing photos, the software shortens all these processes and gives direct way to the photos.
  • Image quality : Image Eye maintains the good image quality for all the image formats like BBM, BMP, CAL, JPEG. However, if image adjustment is necessary, the software opens a dialog box in which the users can make some balance concerning the brightness, color, contrast.
  • Database : photo files can be stored in the software and it is possible to handle them either for deleting, renaming or creating files. They can be classified as confidential data if necessary.
  • Other options : the images in the software can be used during presentations and slideshows for visual aids. Besides, the users can write additional comments next to the photos for explanation.


  • A multifunction freeware which is very helpful for photo lovers


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