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Lecture Recorder

4.5 (latest version)
Lecture Recorder
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, English
Lecture Recorder is a program destined for students to record lectures. A text summary can be attached to the recording with the course, subject, date and lecturer.

Key Features

  • Recording: built-in with a simple player, Lecture Recorder enables users to capture any sound from any source. It is possible to select the output sound quality so that the audio can be clear.
  • Editing: this lightweight tool enables to edit the freshly recorded sound. Some of its functions enable to cut the recording and save it to another file. It is up to the user to set the start and end time of the trimming.
  • Settings: during the process, this tool allows users to delete microphone noise level and to adjust the volume of recording. Apart from them, configuring rewind and font options as well as temporary files location is feasible.
  • Export: the output can be saved (audio) and printed (for texts). Lecture Recorder supports WAV, OGG and MP3 for the output. The destination folder has also to be selected by the user.


  • Lecture Recorder enables to send the recording via email directly from the main interface.
  • It supports keyboard shortcuts.


  • 42 days of evaluation.


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Alternative spelling: lcr_4.5.exe