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Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, English
iDumpVideo2iPod is a program allowing to convert files on the computer and DVD files into a format that can be read on iTunes or iPod. It is possible to assign a tag for each video.

Key Features

  • Converter: thanks to an intuitive interface, the iDumpVideo2iPod user just has to convert the select the file to convert and click on the appropriate button. This program can convert the most common files into iPod compatible formats.
  • Supported formats: for the input formats, iDumpVideo2iPod supports the most popular common types of media file such as WMV, MPEG, MP4 and MOV. For the output, all media files that are supported by iTunes can work with this program too.
  • Meta data tags: it is possible for the user to set file tags and at the same time define the video category (Podcast, TV Shows, etc.). Details about the file in question can also be filled such as the Title of the song, Artist, Composer, Category and others.


  • iDumpVideo2iPod is simple to use.
  • Ripping DVDs is possible by downloading a 3rd party program called DVD43.


  • It is only available in English.
  • This is a shareware version.


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Alternative spelling: iDumpVideo2iPodInstaller-, iDumpVideo2iPodInstaller.exe
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