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MP3 Stream Editor can process MP3 files by cutting, splitting, joining and mainly editing them. This audio editor tool can also be used to convert files to other formats.

Key Features

  • Editing: MP3 Stream Editor enables to edit an MP3 file to unveil all its parameters. Applying effects to them is utterly feasible as well as inserting silence and applying shaped volume fades. Note that it can also edit tags for some audio files like FLAC and OGG.
  • Converting: this program is supporting the encoding of an MP3 file into other formats. Concerning the output, they are various, ranging from AAC to Windows Media Audio formats. During the conversion, all supported tags are preserved.
  • Cut and join: MP3 Stream Editor can select two different MP3; join them to create one big file. Apart from that, the reverse action is also supported that is cutting a file into several segments. This slicing is based on .CUE sheet entries.


  • MP3 Stream Editor is a rich-featured program.
  • DirectSound, ASIO and WASAPI are supported.
  • Editing is performed without decoding.


  • This version can also be used for 25 days.


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Alternative spelling: MP3StreamEditor_Setup_3.4.4.1991.exe
Latest update on November 14, 2014 at 08:38 AM.