How to validate your overclocking?

March 2017

How to validate your overclocking?


In this article you will learn how to make use of CPU-Z to validate your overclocking.


  • Unpack and launch the installation CPU-Z
  • During the installation you can uncheck the Publish Online option if you do not want to see your score displayed on the net.
  • Click on the About sub menu
  • Click on Validation
  • Click on Save Validation File and choose the location to store the file.
  • Go to the CPU-Z Validator homepage:
  • Fill in the required information (Name, Email,...) and submit the validate file.
  • You can uncheck the Publish Online option if you havn't done it before.
  • In all cases you should receive a mail containing the URL of the validation of your Overclocking.
  • If you overclock is not in compliance with CPUID protocol, your URL will look like this:

Here's is an example of a validation test:


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