Computer reboot (restart) without warning

December 2016

Computer reboot (restart) without warning

Your computer to the annoying habit of rebooting (restart) at inopportune moments and of course without warning ...

Here's how to stop this ...

Generally, if your computer restarts like this, it may be due to a hardware problem (often the graphics card) or a software problem (driver or 2 software conflict or a corrupted file).
To solve the issue and had "some information" about the causes of the problem, follow the following steps...
  • Right click on the icon for your desktop, then click "properties".
  • In the new window that opens, click the "Advanced"
  • Then under "Startup and Recovery"click"Parameters".
  • and uncheck the box that lies in front of "Automatically restart"
  • Then press 2 times "OK "
  • Now your computer does not restart worry more, but it will stop and display the blue screen of death where you will find information on the source of the problem.

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