Why CCM does not help to unlock Mobile phones /SIM cards ..?

April 2017

Mobile phones and SIM cards come with many codes like the PIN code, PUK code, restriction code and security code, to prevent unauthorised usage. With the advancements in telephony, information to unlock mobile phones and SIM cards is widely available. Phone unlocking results in the cancellation of the electronic code so that it can be used with any SIM card - which is quite common. Phone locking is generally done by the operators to restrict unwarranted usage, which helps if the phone gets stolen. At CCM, no tips to unlock mobile phones and SIM cards are provided. CCM does not provide this information, as it amounts to piracy. Everyday mobiles are stolen, although you may be honest, we do not wish to help potential criminals. You must be able prove that you are the phone's legitimate owner and that is impossible to do through Internet.

Why does CCM not help to unlock Mobile phones /SIM cards / PUK?

CCM does not provide code for unlocking mobile phones or any other devices. This would be against the charter.

Unlocking smartphones

Unlocking: This is the process of enabling your phone to accept any SIM card.
  • Mobile operators lock mobiles to restrict the use of other sim cards in case of theft
  • You can, however, decide to unlock your mobile if you are the owner
  • Your operator can provide the unlock code for your mobile if you ask, depending on various clauses in your contract. The operator will send the unlock code via SMS or even on the phone
  • In certain countries, mobile phones are automatically unlocked after a period of time
  • The phones are sold locked because they are sponsored by your operator. They pay a large part of the price of the phone and protect their investment by preventing the use of the phone on another network. This is standard practice for obvious economic reasons


  • PIN Code (Personal Identification Number) is the password for your SIM card. You can choose to set the pin code request to appear each time you switch on your mobile, or whenever there is a change in SIM card, depending on how your mobile works
  • PUK Code is the code requested by your SIM card whenever you have entered the wrong password more than three times. The PUK code can only be provided by your supplier
  • The restriction code, also known as the NCK, means you can unlock your phone for use with any SIM card with different operators
  • The security code is the password of the mobile itself. This will prevent another person from accessing your mobile in case of theft. You can change this password


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