E-mails postmaster@mail.hotmail.com

September 2017

It is not unusual to receive emails at regular intervals from a strange address like postmaster@mail.hotmail.comand, and it can be very annoying. Even some language problems can arise - suppose one wrote in Spanish, and the email from this address is sent in the English language. It may be that for some unknown reason, the account has crashed. It may even be a temporary problem arising from the mail server. In that case, one has to contact the Internet Service provider (ISP) to resolve the issue. Another way to resolve the problem is to check that the address of the person whom the mail is being sent to is correct. Finally, one should change their password regularly, otherwise the account can be hacked by anyone, anywhere.

E-mails postmaster@mail.hotmail.com


I get emails every day from postmaster@mail.hotmail.com, with 20 copies of each; it's starting to get annoying! And some of my contacts tell me that they are receiving mail from me in English that I did not send. Can you help me and tell me how to solve this problem?
Thank you in advance. Hoping to help others!
The emails that I receive contain:
This Is Automatically year generated Delivery Status Notification.
THE FOLLOWING delivery to recipients failed.


OK this is simple: when you try and send an email to an incorrect e-mail address, you get the message that you mentioned: This is year automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.

THE FOLLOWING delivery to recipients failed.

So a person is using your account to send emails, in this case from China. Therefore you must change the password and download Ccleaner to clean your computer, because you might be the victim of a Trojan horse or another virus.


Solved by Dikeus


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