Saving the applications installed on Cydia

March 2017

You want to update your iPhone or iPod touch to a new version of iOS, but you do not want to lose your apps or themes installed on Cydia. Here's a little guide to save the list of applications installed in a text file (restore them after upgrading iOS)

Save your packages

  • Open Mobile Terminal (available on Cydia)
  • Enter the command (without quotes): " dpkg-get-selections> installed-apps.txt "

You should now have a text file in " / var / mobile "called" installed-apps.txt "which lists all installed packages. You can now save this file on your computer.

Reinstalling the packages installed

  • After you re-install your Cydia and Termina, type these commands in Terminal (the file installed-apps.txt must be submitted prior to / var / mobile)
    • su
    • Your_password
    • dpkg-set-selections <installed-apps.txt
    • apt-get dselect-upgrade
  • and if you encounter problems:
    • " apt-get dselect-fix-missing-upgrade "
  • Cydia automatically re-install all your packages.


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