Free antivirus - Which to Choose?

September 2016

The choice of an antivirus software remains a personal decision, depending on your taste. There are a lot of reviews available that compare many antivirus, but in the end no antivirus will give you a full protection of your computer. Please read carefully our recommendations at the bottom of this article, in order to keep your PC away from threats.

Free antivirus

These are just a sample of the most popular antivirus on the computer market. It is nearly impossible for an individual to compare all anti-virus because of time and resources needed for this task. It would need thousands of viruses to test the effectiveness (detection and removal of malware ) of each software. The simplest way is to refer to the professional websites that conduct such tests and compare their reports to determine which one to choose. Some believe that the best anti-virus are those listed below.


Antivir is available on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 and on Linux/Unix. Free for personal use, it comes with an active monitoring of downloaded files and custom scanning of the computer's storage. Antivir is automatically downloading updates and helps detecting spywares and rootkits. His detection rate is quite high, which makes it a good antivirus for personal use. Somehow, the free version comes with a daily ad.


Avast runs on Windows and retrieves daily updates. Its web filter is quite efficient and it also comes with protection for mail, chat and P2P.


AVG allows a planned daily update and a manual update of its database. It offers custom and complete analysis of the drives.

Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft Security Essentials offers a real time protection to protect the computer from viruses, spywares and other threats. MSE is freely downloadable from Microsoft servers. It's easy to use and updates are automatic. It will run silently in background without annoying the user. It will only show a warning when a threat is detected. Warning: with Windows 8, MSE changes its name and becomes Windows Defender.

Windows Defender

Windows Defender is the new name of Microsoft's antivirus software in Windows 8. It is equivalent to Microsoft Security Essentials and offers real time protection. It's installed by default on Windows 8, but will be deactivated when installing a third party antivirus software.

Professional anti-virus test sites

Anti-Malware Test Lab

Anti-Malware Test Lab

In the latter's report, we see that Kaspersky is the only software to achieve very good results. And we are surprised that BitDefender went so badly in all tests.

But we can not depend on a single report to determine which is the best anti-virus.


AV-comparatifs AV-Comparatives

AV-Comparatives is another popular site that compares the anti-virus software.

LightSpeed Systems

LightSpeed Systems

Lightspeed site does its job well. It tested 12 anti-virus with 5861 virus samples.

Note that the site itself sells an antivirus ... rated 100% effective in these tests. (makes me wonder!)

Antivirus AV-Test is part of an independent testing agency named as, which published its last set of results for a large group of products tested, with a

number of criteria, including proactive detection, identifying and removing active infections and outbreak response times, as well as simple detection rate.

In its latest test report, AntiVir, NOD32 and Norton are well noted for all criteria, while Kaspersky gets only average.


TopTenREVIEWS is a site that compares the features of anti-virus software.

This time, we see that BitDefender is the first place, Kaspersky and NOD32 are at the second and third place, respectively.


Personally I would choose Kaspersky, because it is able to maintain its top position in all tests except for one website!

We note AntiVir also stands up very well in tests ...

So after checking these five, what antivirus software you deemed as reliable?


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