Sort your videos by folder

December 2016

Sort your videos by folder

Do you get tired of you all your videos in bulk?
Here is the solution to sort:
  • By default, all films are imported in the Movie tab in the Library

If it's a TV Series, you must:
  • Select all the episodes of the series / Right Click / Get Info
  • Tab Info
  • Name: The name of the episode of the series that appear on the Iphone (not visible on the screen shot because I selected several episodes at once
  • Artist / Album Artist / Album / Consolidation / Composers: Put the same name for the series title (AC will be the name of the file on the Iphone)

  • Tab Videos:
  • Emissions / id Episode: Same as for step 4)
  • Tab Sort:
  • Also as the step 4)
  • Options Tab
  • Type of Multimedia Content: TV Series
  • Ok
  • In iTunes, all episodes will be visible: TV Series, in the created folder, more in Film!

Result in the picture on the iPhone

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