Old effect photo - Photoshop 7

December 2016

Old effect photo - Photoshop 7

We will teach you how to give old effect photo of the most remarkable (Sepia)!

Here is the basic photo:

Spend the image gray level using the menu Image / Mode / Grayscale
Then come back to RGB mode via the menu Image / Mode / RGB Color. It now remains to give the appearance to the picture sepia.
Image / Adjustments / Hue / Saturation (Ctrl + U) and adjust the image in this way (do not forget to check Redefine)
After the color, it now lacks the look of old. Add noise (via the menu Filter / Noise / Add Noise). Accommodate the settings as you wish. Counsel, set for Gaussian Distribution :

Here it is, you have a photo aged. But if you delve into the archives of your elders, you may notice that some pictures are a bit fuzzy around the edges. Here is how to do: go in the style of the layer and enter those settings (adjust to your liking):
And here's the result!

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